apt-proxy Sarge and Ubuntu at the same time?

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On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 11:36:48PM IST, Bengt Thuree 
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> Does anyone else use Apt-proxy, and in particular with both Debian and
> Ubuntu. How have you solved it?

I haven't used apt-proxy before, but I find a good caching web proxy
has the same effect with Debian servers on multiple networks I admin.  

I don't see any reason why a caching proxy can't work for both Debian
and Ubuntu, provided you have 2 consistant /etc/apt/sources.list files,
one for your Debian systems, the second for your Ubuntu systems.

Personally, I use Squid as a web proxy, but it can be overkill for a
small lan. Take a look at oops on Ubuntu or polipo on Debian or
Ubuntu (although I don't have experience with either)


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