Beagle breaks GNOME when started too early?

Stephen R Laniel steve at
Sun Jun 12 01:16:12 UTC 2005

I'm resending this with a better subject line, having added
the postscript below. Please ignore the earlier, more
incendiary subject.

On Sat, Jun 11, 2005 at 09:15:23PM -0400, Stephen R Laniel wrote:
> I apt-get upgraded earlier this afternoon, then left. Now I
> come back, and
> 1) When I try to run firefox, I get a segfault immediately.
> 2) I'm getting 'bash: fork: Resource temporarily
> unavailable' errors all over the place -- even when doing
> innocuous things like 'ls'. The inability to run ls is a bit
> of a crimp in my style.
> 3) I can run konqueror, but when I try to visit a web page
> within it I get 
> 'An error occurred while loading
> Could not start process Cannot talk to klauncher.'
> Looks like something serious broke. Maybe libc somewhere?
> Any suggestions?
> I'm not even sure this message will be able to send. Let's
> see.
> ...Well, it didn't send; mutt tried to fork a subprocess to
> send the message, and failed. I rebooted, and on a lark I
> removed beagled and best from the list of programs that
> start when my session starts, before GNOME started. I had
> been running beagled and best fine before, but I don't
> believe I had started them from the GNOME sessions list. I
> wonder whether there's any problem resulting from starting
> them too early?
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