Open Hardware ADSL, Linux Friendly

sime sime at
Sun Jun 12 00:52:18 UTC 2005

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>>I have a speedtouch (, it is
>>configurable with your browser (firefox can do it)
> Hmmm, I am lost... what does one need to "configure" in a broadband
> modem ? As I said in my eaelier mail, mine is 100% plug and play. Plug,
> start computer, surf the web...  what am I missing ?
> Is it because I am just a typical user ? Does this "configuration" apply
> only to "exotic" / non-standard desktop situations ? 

AFAIK to access xDSL anywhere in the world you require authentication. 
So if you bought your own modem you would have to configure it first.


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