I want to know what you think about this.

Guido Heumann listguido at web.de
Sat Jun 11 19:53:27 UTC 2005

Dave Walker schrieb:
> Hello World,
> I have posted to ask peoples opinions about something a friend and I
> have started developing.  It is going to be a LDAP and Kerberos
> administration client.  Now, for you server admins out there who use
> LDAP+Kerberos I want to ask do you use any tools for administering
> LDAP+Kerberos, or are you doing it from the command line?  Now if you
> are interested in a GUI tool what would you like to see in it.
Hi Dave,

this is interesting. I'm actually not using LDAP, but once wanted to
start learning and using it for different purposes, from basic address
book to mailserver setup or Windows ADS replacement. I must admit that I
didn't get very far, I never even managed to get an address book setup
right :-) Mainly because there was no GUI available which could also
help creating a basic LDAP scheme.
But if I would start again today, I would look at "gosa" from universe:

Package: gosa
Version: 2.2-1
Description: Web Based LDAP Administration Program
 Provided is access to posix, shadow, samba, proxy, fax, pureftp and
 kerberos accounts. It is able to manage the postfix/cyrus server
 combination and can write user adapted sieve scripts.
 GOsa is a combination of system-administrator and end-user web
 interface, designed to handle LDAP based setups.

Sounds promising to me.

Hope this helps,

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