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Albin Blaschka albin.blaschka at
Sat Jun 11 15:31:57 UTC 2005

Hello everyone,

no, this mail bears no questions, why I have no root account ;-)
Maybe it is the answer (relief?) for some of us. Others maybe may curse
me ;-)

To get root-access *without* typing each time sudo <dosomething> *but*
*without* activating the root account (leaving it as the default not
activated I personnaly think is a *very* good idea - I have some
Debian-Servers where I did the same after I got to know Ubuntu, which is
now my Desktop-OS!), there are two possibilities:

The first one: install the gksu-package either via synaptic or "sudo
apt-get install gksu" (and all dependencies, two ore three libraries, I
think) - you'll get (at least in kubuntu) a menu-entry "root-terminal",
and that's it: You start it, you type one time your password and then
within this terminal you are root, with all *priviliges* and *DANGERS*
that come with them...and without typing your password again

The other one: from a "standard" terminal, type "sudo su" and one time
your password - then again you are root, with all *priviliges* and
*DANGERS* that come with them...

Be aware and be warned: You are root then and can harm your system
seriously (and faster one may think...). Don't forget to close the
root-terminal, don't leave it unattended...but I think you've heard or
read about the dangers of working as root (root or god - where's the
difference ;-)

nice weekend,

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