evolution antispam not working

Paul M. Bucalo ubuntuser at pmbservices.com
Fri Jun 10 23:37:27 UTC 2005

On Friday 10 June 2005 06:45 pm, Horst Schlonz wrote:
> i keep pressing "unwanted" on spam and evolution is learning the
> junk. i can see it in the status bar. but i keep getting spam. what
> am i diong wrong?

Evolution by itself can't manage spam. It makes you believe so because 
it has the ability to tie in tightly with Spamassasin. Spamassasin 
needs to be running.

I never got gave Spamassasin any of my time, so I can't tell you how 
to set it up or use it. However, if you search the archive you will 
find recent posts that deal with this.

If you are interested in any other recommendations for spam control, 
consider POPFile:


I've been using it on and off with several email clients in both 
Windows and Linux for a few years with wonderful results. Easy to 
install and setup, multiplatform, perl-based, easy to train and fast 
to learn and very accurate. I am using it right now in Ubuntu Hoary 
and Kontact/KMail. I have used it with Evolution since the 1.2.x 
days. The instructions on the developer's Website are clear and easy 
to follow for both Windows and Linux. The only caviat that I would 
add (and it is a small one, IMHO) is that the perl script does on 
occasion get kicked out of memory *accidentally*, so I recommend 
using a startup script to check every few minutes that popfile.pl is 
running, and if not, fire it up again. If you want the script (given 
to me out of courtesy by a friend a few years ago) I can put in a 
reply post here. I highly recommend the program if you want something 
easy to setup and with a Web-based GUI that's nice.


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