Update-notifier problem

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri Jun 10 21:46:20 UTC 2005

> Bugs no, updates yes - unlike that other OS whose name is not mentioned
> ;-) - Linux and its apps are continually refined and updated - as a
> result the update cycle is far quicker then the other, but providing
> you keep up to date (I feel anyway) you have far better apps. SO its
> not severe bugs - more like continual updating - and that is the key to
> better quality

But I thought that the "stable" release, in Ubuntu's terms at least, was
precisely, in essence, something that you do NOT update for the fun of
it, UNLESS you really have to. That is, either security, or data loss
bugs. If the update notifier keeps updating every package, then to me
it's not a stable release anymore, but it is the development version !
Like Breezy is right now. And I really wouldn't want Hoary to be in the
state that Breezy is in at the moment (all over the place, as you would
expect at this point of the schedule...), simply for the sake of an
update that is not even strictly necessary ! :-O
However, if really the update manager updates packages that do not even
have security  bugs, then I hope they will use it to backport all bug
fixes to Gnome and Nautilus etc. If I have to run the risk of installing
unnecessary updates, at least I would want them to actually fix bugs,
rather than just update for the sake of it...

Vince, a bit confused about this update-manager/notifier....

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