Update-notifier problem

desdinova ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Jun 10 21:27:48 UTC 2005



> Same problem here ! I installed Hoary 2 month ago, and never ever had

> the update-notifier notify me of anything, which didn't worry me
> because

> I was under the understanding that being a stable release, it was
> meant

> NOT to be updated in anyway, unless severe security bugs were

> discovered, which obviously you wish to get as few, if any, as
> possible.

> But, when I ran the update-manager by hand ealier this week, I
> couldn't

> believe it... there were 100 packages needing an update, for a total
> of

> 90 MB or something IIRC !!! :-O

> Only 2 months old, and already filled with bags of severe bugs ?! Me

> thinks it's rather worrying !! :-/ :o(((((


Bugs no, updates yes - unlike that other OS whose name is not mentioned
;-) - Linux and its apps are continually refined and updated - as a
result the update cycle is far quicker then the other, but providing
you keep up to date (I feel anyway) you have far better apps. SO its
not severe bugs - more like continual updating - and that is the key to
better quality


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