Update-notifier problem

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri Jun 10 20:52:43 UTC 2005

> Update-notifier doesn't seem to check for updates automatically, even
> though I have it set to do so under Preferences in Update Manager.
> It's only when I manually run Synaptic or apt-get update, that all of
> a sudden the update-notifier icon appears in my notification area.

Same problem here ! I installed Hoary 2 month ago, and never ever had
the update-notifier notify me of anything, which didn't worry me because
I was under the understanding that being a stable release, it was meant
NOT to be updated in anyway, unless severe security bugs were
discovered, which obviously you wish to get as few, if any, as possible.
But, when I ran the update-manager by hand ealier this week, I couldn't
believe it... there were 100 packages needing an update, for a total of
90 MB or something IIRC !!! :-O
Only 2 months old, and already filled with bags of severe bugs ?! Me
thinks it's rather worrying !! :-/ :o(((((

> Shouldn't update-notifier check for updates automatically? 

Boy, given how many problems are serious enough, that they lead to an
update, I would think it should run itself very often !

> Is there something that I should be doing to enable that? 

I didn't touch anything, and by default, it is apprentyl set to check
for updates each and every day. It certainly doesn't work though ! :o(

Well, at least now I know I should run the update-manager by hand
regularly, since it seems there are frequent updates, and since one
can't count on the update-notifier...


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