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Matthew S-H mathbymath at
Fri Jun 10 12:08:13 UTC 2005

On Jun 7, 2005, at 3:55 AM, Gábor Iglói wrote:
> Only one thing remained now:
> To speed up things I should clear up before tarring ~/.thumbnails
> containing several MB of image thumbs and Firefox's page cache.
Instead of removing these, you could just put them on some sort of  
exclude list.  In fact, for software in
which the same version can be found on each distro, it might save  
time to leave them as is and not tar
them.  Things like thumbnails should (altho I haven't tested it) work  
fine between different versions.
The only thing that would probably change that heavily would be if  
you had a version that was old
enough not to support thumbnails at all.  But that shouldn't be a  
problem since it wouldn't bother to
check the thumbnails directory.
Keep in mind that I'm not suggesting you keep the entire "~/.mozilla/ 
firefox" directory, as some config
files may differ between distros/versions.  Just the ".thumbnails"  

> The
> first is easy enough for me, but Firefox stores it's user spec things
> under a "randomsequence".default folder under ~/.mozilla/firefox. I
> managed to get this folders name with
> user at ubuntu1:~$ cat /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini | grep  
> Path=
> Path=u8n5vr1q.default
> But how can I cut out the "u8n5vr1q.default" string from that
> command's output? I'd like to clear the
> /home/user/.mozilla/"randomsequence".default/Cache folder from my
> script.
I am not quite sure how to do this.
An improvisation that I just thought of would be:
ls ~/.mozilla/firefox | grep .default

What I was originally thinking was to do something with
"cat ~/.mozilla/firefox/.profiles.ini | grep Path= | grep -vo Path="
but apparently the -v option doesn't function as one might expect  
when combined with -o.

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