Screen Resolution

Mammoth ulist at
Fri Jun 10 14:14:58 UTC 2005

After I used the guide you just made, I still had a resolution of

While I was checking the new xorg.conf, I could see that the monitor

were not being used. They were missing the HorizSync and the
VertRefresh settings.

After I added the correct settings for my monitor, and restarted
Ubuntu, Xorg was 1024x768.

So add to your monitor section

    Section "Monitor"

  Identifier      "MyMonitor"  #Identifier and Option are already in xorg.conf

  Option          "DPMS"

  HorizSync       30-91         #Add Horizontal Sync in KHz

  VertRefresh     50-180      #Add Vertical Refresh in Hz



BTW, I did enter these HorizSync and VertRefresh in the tool, but they
were not used. man 5 xorg.conf told me that if they are not specified,
they will default to a safe level, only allowing 640x480.


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