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Norman Silverstone norman at
Fri Jun 10 10:42:33 UTC 2005

> >> Same for this whole universe/multiverse thing.. Users really don't
> >> care: 


> I guess, yes. I don't think users even want know about multiverse or
> somethingelse-verse.. I think they just want to run Synaptic, search
> for the app, check the box and click 'apply'.

That is all very well for those who want to use Linux for Linux sake.
But what about those of us who convert from Windows to Ubuntu? I am one
of those and I have no idea of what apps are available, in fact I am not
sure what app means and I don't think I care. I want to use my computer
for what I and my family want to do and if I can't I will ask.


> As for being able to support it... We're not paying anyone for
> support, so they don't have to feel obliged to support some kind of
> artificial sub-set of software.. Users will want to load everything
> and-the-kitchen-sink anyway, then come to the forums and this list for
> questions on how to make it work.  That is the way of things! (On
> any non commerical Linux anyways)

I think this is most unlikely because I would expect that there will be
more converts to Ubuntu because it is good and free and, most
importantly, well supported rather than because it is a form of Linux.
> EB> In my mind it's so clear

and mine
> EB> Main is a subset of application that canonical feels that they can support.
> EB> Universe is the rest of free linux applications. Support is on a comunity basic
> EB> Multiverse is simply things that you CANNOT distribute however you want.

> Oh.. Didn't know that yet. To me it was just a matter of "Argh..! Why
> can't I find app xyz!", dig in Google, dig in How-to's, wiki's... Find
> the how-to on enabling "YES-I-WANT-IT-ALL-verse"... Phew! That worked.

If, like me, you don't know what you want, then this does not apply.



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