Cannot find packages

Morten W. J. morten at
Fri Jun 10 08:30:01 UTC 2005

Hi All.

Using the newest ubunto (Hoary) I cannot run an
 apt-get install nedit
althogh this url
tells me it should exist.

The "apt-get install nedit" gives me this output:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package nedit

and the problem is the same with "kdevelop", "kde-devel"  and several other 

Some packages, like "gcc" and "g++", "bison" and several others installs 
withot problems.

Has anybody an idea what I have done wrong?

Morten W. Jørgensen

Newtec A/S
StærmosegÂrdsvej 18
5230 Odense M
Tlf.: 66 15 84 44

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