Severe performance issues

nocturn ulist at
Fri Jun 10 06:57:19 UTC 2005

Limaunion Wrote: 
> Hi,


> I've been running Ubuntu at home since the first days, switched from 

> Fedora in my two computers. Today I installed Hoary at work in a new 

> computer (one of the latest HP models) and updated it with the latest 

> packages via apt, I wanted to give it a try.


> Ubuntu was installed booting with the 'server' parameter (minimal 

> packages) in order to run Postfix as a relay server. After just 10 or
> 15 

> minutes the server had all of its RAM exausted (256MB) including
> virtual 

> swap space (750MB). The OOM started to work and froze the system. 

> Exactly the same service and configuration was previously running in a

> P1 166Mhz with 128MB of RAM with RH 7.3 without any problem for the
> last 

> 3 years (now is having some hard disk issues, so the change). I solved

> this by just picking another computer and installing RH 7.3 again.


> I know this is not the right way to report a bug or a kernel trouble, 

> but just want to say that something is very wrong with the default 

> Ubuntu kernel, any ideas.


> Regards,

> Limaunion.



Strange.  Maybe a good place to start is to run memtest for a while...


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