"Stuttering" DVD Playback

Stephen R Laniel steve at laniels.org
Thu Jun 9 18:22:45 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 07:37:12PM +0200, Peter Mels wrote:
> If you have problem with cd/dvd's playback you have to enable DMA.
> So open a console and type "sudo gedit /etc/hdparm.conf" (without "") and add
> these lines at the end of the file.

This seems like an Ubuntu problem: if it's trying to become
a desktop OS, it needs to be able to play DVDs. And like the
original poster, I find DVDs intolerable without DMA turned
on (assuming that's the problem). So Ubuntu ought to be able
to detect whether DMA is usable on that drive, and enable it
if it is.

Is anyone working on this? And where might one file the bug?

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