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Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Wed Jun 8 07:29:11 UTC 2005

Hey Tom,

For the home user, ubuntu is a serious candidate, I think, because
after installation, it can do everything you want. For example, I just
connected my digital camera and promptly got the photos I took on my
computer. I was quite surprised, as I always hear that
hardware-support in Linux is bad and a reason not to use it. The same
with my printer, worked out of the box. Both are typical homeuser
requirements that should just work, and they do.

Additionally, the fact that practically everything you need is
pre-installed, from a web browser to an office alternative to an
e-mail client to an advanced image editing program. Perfect.

THAT's the reason Ubuntu is ready for the public. And hey, it's for
free, too! ;-)


On 6/8/05, Tom Adelstein <adelste at> wrote:
> All-
> I'm writing a review of the Ubuntu Linux distribution (phenomenon). I've done lots
> of these reviews and they get serious readership wherever I post them.
> My goal with this one is to point out the "neat" features, to say Linux
> is ready for the desktop and to make a strong statement about this
> distribution. I want to reach educators, government officials and end
> users who want an alternative. I also want to show that we're seeing global adoption - so wherever you live is important.
> So, I'm giving everyone on this list a chance to contribute to this
> article and make a difference.
> I'm sure features exist about which I'm unfamiliar and so I'd like you
> to help me out and tell me about them.
> I'll need to have whatever you want to contribute by June 9th 6 PM -5
> UTC.
> Write a paragraph. Give me a screenshot (png). Tell me about how you use
> it or about adoption of the distribution. Say something about support,
> the community, what makes this unique, etc. Tell me things about Ubuntu that could lift an eyebrow.
> Thank you in advance.
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