gcc and C++....

Charles Malespin charles.malespin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 22:19:17 UTC 2005

Hi all, I am trying to teach myself C++ and I am using gcc(well I think
I am....) on Hoary that I got from synaptic.  What extra files or
packages do I need to include from synaptic for a noob starting up?  I
am using a tutorial to help me learn C++, but when I try to compile the
program it gives me this error.
gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1plus': No such file or

So I guess I am missing something right?  I really dont know anything
about C++/C so this is all very new/confusing to me.  I tried to use
Anjuita, but I had NO idea how to write or get things working in that,
so I am trying gcc I guess.  Any help is greatly appreciated (sorry if
this isnt exactly an ubuntu question) 
Thanks, Charles

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