Windows NTFS Partition (read&write)

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Tue Jun 7 11:37:03 UTC 2005

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>Subject: Windows NTFS Partition (read&write)
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>I would like to understand how to make a NTFS Windows Partition read &  
>In Ubuntu Starter Guide i find the defintion 'umask=000' for read & write  
>on a FAT Partition and 'umask=0222' for read on a NTFS Partition.
>I did check umask=000 for a NTFS Partition, with no success - of course,  
>So, what is the right setting for making a NTFS Partition READ & WRITE?
>Thanks for help,

I don't know if I'm out of date but there is only experimental
write-access to NTFS.



May be corrected.


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