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Matthew S-H mathbymath at
Mon Jun 6 12:45:52 UTC 2005

On Jun 5, 2005, at 12:00 PM, Seti wrote:
> One more thing to keep in  mind. Using the same /home partition for
> seperate distros can be a bit tricky; in the past I've tried this and
> found that it causes some conflicts in your /home, ie. different
> distros want to set up config files in /home differently. If it can be
> done without these kinds of problems arising, great, otherwise better
> to have a dedicated /home for each distro present on the disc.
> --  
> Seti

An alternative to this would be to have seperate /home partitions but  
shared data partitions.
Ex (if you're running 3 distros)
/home                            X3 (one for each distro).
/home/Documents      X1 (mounted within /home for each distro)

Also, I think that distros based on the same thing should be able to  
share better.  In other words, Ubuntu and Debian Proper should be  
able to coexist using the same /home partition better than Ubuntu and  
Fedora/Red Hat or Mandrake.

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