Beagle 0.10 is not working!

Adrian Try adriantrymail at
Mon Jun 6 22:45:28 UTC 2005

>> especially: "Also note that neither Reiser4 nor NFS support extended
>> attributes, so Beagle presently will not work on these filesystems."
>> Unfortunately, this means that if you want to use Beagle, you'll have to
>> reformat.  :-(
> thats not quite right, if i understand what the page you're referring to
> says. the page says:
> Your kernel will need support for extended attributes on the filesystem
> you are indexing. For Reiser3 and ext2 filesystems, the default kernel
> config does not enable the attributes. For ext2 filesystems, the kernel
> option for attributes is CONFIG_EXT2_FS_XATTR. For ext3, it's
> so XATTR is indeed enabled for reiser and therefore ready for beagle.
> or am i wrong?

Hi Ulrich

I'm no expert, just someone who's recently read that page. It seems that I  
didn't read it carefully enough!

Thanks for the correction.


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