Printing to Xerox Phaser 7750DN

Byron Poland wpoland at
Mon Jun 6 19:47:42 UTC 2005

I just showed up on a job and I need to beable to bring to a Xerox
Phaser 7750DN.  The default Ubuntu Hoary install didn't have a ppd
file for the printer, but Xerox offers a set of ppd's on their
website, including one of the 7750DN.

I set everything, up and all seems great until I print.  The job never
goes through, the cups error_log has a reference to pstoxeroxps not
being found, in the ppd file this is listed as a cups filter.  I've
searched the net for pstoxeroxps, with absolutely no luck luck, no
hits in google web or google groups.  I switch to a generic print
dirver and I get a test page to print, but have issues with tray
handeling and some color correction that I think are in the xerox ppd.

Anyone have any thoughts, expecially about the mysterious pstoxeroxps stuff?


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