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Tom Adelstein adelste at
Mon Jun 6 17:48:26 UTC 2005

I thought this comment said it all:

> I always used some form of remote acces to my machine (which runs most
> of the time on my dorm): In the beginning when I still used (evil)
> windows XP I had RemotelyAnywhere running, which was usefull. Don't
> remember the speed of it though. Now I run Mandrake/Mandriva as my
> main desktop for a whole year already (10.0 Official and now 2005 LE),
> and when I asked myself which remote X acces there was, I naturally
> chose vnc as the obvious solution.
> When reading this article I wondered how much better NX was, so I just
> installed it.
> And DAMN!!!! It really is 90% of the speed I have when sitting in
> front of the computer itself! With vnc I can actually see the
> widgets/portions of the screen being drawn from the top to the bottom.
> Even the blinking KDE-start widgets. (My dorm pc has a 10 Mbit
> upload/download connection and the pc at home has a 3.3 Mbit down and
> 512 Kbit upload, so that is just fine.) But nothing like that with
> FreeNX!
> Damn, I'm never going to touch vnc ever again. I'm almost smacking
> myself in the face for not trying it sooner...
> Thanks for this very straighforward article, and for speeding up my
> remote X sessions!

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