who uses linux?

Amichai Teumim עמיחי תאומים amichai.teumim at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 16:37:58 UTC 2005

Hi Duncan

I know that the Israeli government has switched to linux from windows
and that the Israeli Defense forces are in the process, if not there yet.

I remember reading that the Brazillian government wanted to give each of
its citizens a free  Ubuntu cd (if not ubuntu, some Linux. I think it
was Ubuntu though). The Brazilian government has been publicly pro Linux.

I know that quite a few states in America use Linux in schools. Quite a
few government institutions and also emergency services. I don't
remember where, but I read of a city's dispatcher system being totally
Linux based.

Many websites are stored on Red Hat servers. In fact hotmail was
originally also on a Linux server. Microsoft using Linux, funny huh?

Check this out:

*At Jun 06 2005 16:29:27 GMT, there are
users registered
machines registered *
My guess at the number of Linux users:

*Twenty-nine million*


    "One of the most common POSIX-type operating systems is Linux, the
    basis for LynuxWorks’ LynxOS. That operating system is compliant
    with Navy OACE, though Linux is not a good fit for some
    high-performance, real-time military applications, Morris says.

    "Still, LynxOS runs the shipboard self-defense system (SSDS), DD(X)
    destroyer prototype, and Army Future Combat System, he says. SSDS
    engineers picked LynxOS because they needed a POSIX environment so
    they could also use Solaris and other UNIX platforms..."

    I could go on and on :)

    Hope this gave you an idea man.

    Take care


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