Setting up Ubuntu with regular backups

Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Mon Jun 6 14:39:28 UTC 2005

I installed Ubuntu a few weeks ago on my machine (dualboot with
WinXP). Recently however, it's mainboard died, and I remembered the
importance of backing up data. Fortunately, no data was lost, but I
want to be sure when the next piece of machinery gives up on me. I'm
not sure though how to do that nicely in Ubuntu.

In Windows, I used to sync my Data partition with my laptop over a
home network, which worked nicely (although manually, it 'worked'),
using a synchronization program. For Ubuntu, I'd be happier to create
some kind of rotating backup, that stores all files on the HDD over
the network on the laptop-HDD. Once a week/two-weeks, I would then
make a backup of backup on CD or DVD.

Now, the obvious software to do such thing would be rsync I guess
(right?). I also found a program called Dirvish. Both are command-line
only, though. I have no fundamental problems with the command-line,
except that as a very new user to ubuntu, it all seems so
blackbox-like. I'm not sure how to set these things up by myself and
test if it works over the commandline, and a graphical frontend would
ease things considerably and reduce the amount of man-page-reading and
uncertainty of action a lot. Does such frontend exist, or am I stuck
with the commandline? And if, then how would I solve my problem
approximately? All suggestions are welcome!

Another thing I want to know: is the way I want to back up my data a
good way, or is it dramatically overdone? How do you guys make sure
your data doesn't get lost after a HDD crash?

Thanks for your replies,

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