Centrino wireless woes

GyroTech gyrotech at freakinabox.com
Mon Jun 6 13:17:43 UTC 2005

  Recently I moved away from SuSE 9.1 due to the annoying way they move 
all the libraries around and make it near impossible to install anything 
not pre-packaged for SuSE.
  Anyways, just tried Kubuntu and was very happy with the way it picked 
up nearly everything quite happily on my HP NX7010 laptop, even the 
touchpad with odd scroll-wheel replacement was configured properly.
  The only thing that I'm having problems with is the Centrino 2200BG 
wireless card, I followed the howto 
(http://nickselby.com/articles/technology/index.htm?a=1807) and used the 
v1.0.0 drivers (http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net - the v1.0.4 ones kept 
dropping the connection with 'Out of range' errors even though I was no 
more than 3m from my AP). The wireless card gets used by 
KWiFiInformation, it picks up the correct MAC addr and everything, 
scanning reveals my network. I enter in all the WEP keys correct 
settings, but it just never seems to be able to pick up a DHCP lease or 
(if I configure static IP) ping any of my network. Not even when I 
disable WEP and allow any SSID will my laptop connect even though it has 
a high signal strength and selects the correct speed (54Mbps).

Please help


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