Beagle 0.10 is not working

Holger Rumland hrumland at
Mon Jun 6 02:55:01 UTC 2005

another output on the search:

The query for linux failed with error:
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: System call failed in [0x00063]
System.Net.Sockets.Socket:Connect (System.Net.EndPoint remote_end) in
<0x00021> Beagle.Util.UnixClient:Connect (Mono.Posix.UnixEndPoint
remoteEndPoint) in <0x00036> Beagle.Util.UnixClient:Connect
(System.String path) in <0x00020> Beagle.Util.UnixClient:.ctor
(System.String path) in <0x00028> Beagle.Client:SendRequest
(Beagle.RequestMessage request) in <0x00010> Beagle.Client:SendAsync
(Beagle.RequestMessage request) in <0x000c7>
Beagle.RequestMessage:SendAsync () in <0x00142> Best.BestWindow:Search
(System.String searchString)

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Subject: Beagle 0.10 is not working!
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