Compaq Presario 4020US Centrino fan problem

Jack Jackson jackson.linux at
Sun Jun 5 19:22:53 UTC 2005

No one answered so I'm re-sending:

My fan has been turning on a lot lately and I have not changed my work
habits or installed anything new, really. Wondering if there's a way to
more closely monitor what is happening other than top and gkrellm. My
thr0 and 1 temps have hovered at an average of 44 degrees C and
typically I see 1 to 3 % cpu usage unless starting something or moving
or resizing GIMP images

It's a Compaq Presario 4020US Centrino notebook, with 749MB of RAM (at
the moment more than 400 M free), IPW2200 wireless with 1.0.0 driver,
lampp and java.

THanks in advance

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