Connecting 2 Hoary machines through Samba

Gábor Iglói mdjake at
Sun Jun 5 10:36:21 UTC 2005

Hello Ubuntu Fellows!

I've just purchased a notebook and of course installed Hoary on it
(Acer 1362 which is a very good machine for Ubuntu).

I'd like to use Samba to share a folder on the laptop for easy file
transfers between my desktop machine (also running Ubuntu).

I have another machine in my home LAN, a "home server" running another
distro which act as a NetBIOS name server (well, actually it runs the
nmbd daemon).

All of my computers are in the same workgroup.

My problem is that the Samba network is only functional when the home
server is running - as I shut down the home server the two Ubuntu
machines cease to see each other.

How can I set up my laptop box to provide NetBIOS name resolution (I
think this causes the problem)?

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