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Graham sweeney276 at
Sun Jun 5 10:26:25 UTC 2005

On Saturday 04 Jun 2005 18:08, Tom Adelstein wrote:

> So, I want to do some articles about governments using Linux -
> outside the United States. So if anyone has any cases they can share
> with me, I would be so pleased. I'm looking for Linux used in Arabic
> speaking countries. Farsi and Urdu will also work.
> I would like to present the case studies and will accept papers for
> that purpose. Also, information about open source activities,
> distributions, user groups, etc. will help.

Tom, you might like to look at the UK magazine Linux Format (July 2005) 
in which there is an article about the City of Munich's migration to 
open source, in particular from Windows to Linux.


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