Networking failure on PowerComputing PowerWave 604/150

Leonard Chung leonard at
Sun Jun 5 00:01:39 UTC 2005

Hi there,


I've got Hoary installed on an OW Mac, but I've been unsuccessful at
getting any form of stable networking working.


The internal NIC is detected as eth0 by the MACE module according to
dmesg, but ifup says that no device is bound to the eth0 device.


Using an FA311 NIC, it works with the MACE module but has horrible
latencies, varying from a fast 1ms to about 5000ms for a ping to the
gateway on the LAN. 


I've also tried two intel NICs which work with the e100 driver. They
sometimes work for a little while at bootup, but then seem to just die
and lose all packets.


Has anybody seen these problems and had success getting Ubuntu running
with networking on an OW PowerWave Mac?





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