686-smp freezing

chang hottern40 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 23:49:47 UTC 2005

I had no trouble with the Warty distro & 686-smp
When I switched to Kubuntu & Ubuntu 5.04 the 386
default was ok. But the 686-smp kernels just froze the
system at the gnome or kde gdm. I tried acpi=off but

I was ready to kill it  , but , tried a last mod.While
in 386 image.
I upgraded the linux-image to 686-smp to 2.6.11-1.
Then added to the boot image config;
acpi=off nolapic noapic.

Upgraded all the upgradeable kde stuff to the latest.

Removed EVMS from the system , will do my software
raid with just mdadm. I would've removed LVM but
waited to see if the system booted up ok. 

System worked, I was able to login, but froze after
installing gkrellm and running it.
Anybody have any suggestions?


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