Stange Cups Problem: "/dev/lp0": Permission denied

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at
Sat Jun 4 19:46:49 UTC 2005

Am Samstag 04 Juni 2005 20:50 schrieb Gerhard Gaußling:
> I *copied* now the livecd cupsd.conf to /etc/cups on
> my hoary box, but *still* got the message
ahm.. a bit embarrassing: It seems, that I forgot to restart cups - I 
could swear, that I restarted the service...

Hmm, now I got the problem that my $&§%#?! Epson 1520 printer prints 
unfiltered postscript code and isn't able to forget what is in his 
memory. A capacitor or sth. seems to keep the electricity for the RAM 
over 30 minutes... argh. Everytime I push the power button it begins 
again to print the hyroglyphs ....! There is nothingh in the queue 

So I think it's an error in the cupsd.conf, but I'm still not sure about 
it, because I couldn't verify until my printer lost the memory of the 
PS code of the Terstpage.



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