OT: Ubuntu and VMWare

amigian m-yg at emailias.com
Sat Jun 4 14:21:51 UTC 2005

Unfortunetly i "need" to use some windoze apps. I now i have the option of 
dual booting, but i would like to stay within Ubuntu.

My problem with VMWare is not VMWare itself. I have it installed and seems 
to be working properly. My problem is trying to install Win98SE. This 
version of Win98 has a boot floppy. I can start the Win98 install from the 
CD, but then gets to a point to reboot and asks that the boot floppy be in 
the drive. The catch - my machine does not have a floppy drive! Therefore 
the Win98 install will not reboot.

Does anyone know of a way around this? If so, i would really appreciate 
knowing how. I would love to start using Ubuntu a lot more than i do. 
Thanks in advance.



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