install on toshiba laptop

JackDeth ulist at
Sat Jun 4 04:27:47 UTC 2005

I gave it another shot. This time while in the menu I chose the option
to let it find hardware (CD-ROM, PCMCIA, etc..). I assume it then found
the Hard Drive somewhere in there.

Once that step was done, I went to the "command prompt" or whatever
it's called and had to first do a mkswap on /dev/hda1 and then a swapon
/dev/hda1. Once those were done I could continue the install. 

The first couple times it still hung part of the way though, but on the
third try it completed.

I then followed the instructions in as best I could.
However, it kept giving me errors at many points. It didn't seem to
recognize or find icewm, numlockx, xterm, acroread, mozilla, and some
other stuff. I think it installed OpenOffice but I can't for the life
of me figure out how to start it.

The X-Windows system seems to start since the background becomes a gray
patter and my cursor turns into an X. But, all that's in the middle of
this background is a blank terminal screen. There's no menus or
anything else. Is this normal? This is almost as bad as doing
everything from a command line.


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