manually starting network in Hoary

David Coldrick coldrick at
Sat Jun 4 03:00:27 UTC 2005

I recently reinstalled my Hoary laptop system (broke it severely with
some Breezy upgrade, and figured reinstall was easier than trying to
work it out - will stick to non-production system for playing with

I find the network startup on boot very slow, as I have both a wired
port and a wireless, and am almost always using only one of the two.
In my previous system, I hacked something to make the network startup
manual, so a) I didn't have that long pause, and b) I just needed to
do "sudo ifup eth0" or "sudo ifup wlan0" to start the network I wanted
to use.

I appear not to have documented what I did - musta seemed obvious at
the time :-)

Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks and regards,

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