Ubuntu screensaver

Stephen R Laniel steve at laniels.org
Fri Jun 3 23:09:04 UTC 2005

I was getting the pretty Ubuntu screensaver from Hoary
through Breezy, but then uninstalling and reinstalling
xscreensaver brought the (in my view ugly) xscreensaver

What do I have to do to bring back the pretty Ubuntu one? I
just did a quick look through all the packages that dpkg
labels 'uninstall' or 'purge,' and none of them seem to be
screensavers of any sort.

I did mess around some symlinks when I was trying to get
xorg back up and running, so is it possible that there was a
symlink pointing at a different screensaver app?

Stephen R. Laniel
steve at laniels.org
+(617) 308-5571
PGP key: http://laniels.org/slaniel.key

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