ATi graphics cards

Kreg Schlosser liberaltugboat at
Fri Jun 3 21:00:51 UTC 2005

> on LINUX?
Of course, I play Doom 3 and Unreal tourny 2k4, Americas Army, Enemy
Territory, All linux native (there are more too like Neverwinter

I also use cedega to play City of Heroes, Half Life 2, world of
warcraft... and soon hopefully guild wars (they are works on it)

Because of the speed and lack of features in the ATI drivers you
either cant get high enough frame rates or the game just wont work.
Anandtech did benchmarking and the ATI drivers brings an x800 down to
the level of fx 5700 in most tests. They also dont have 64 bit driver
(that may have changed recently so I could be wrong).

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