Perhaps a solution to install/uninstall ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri Jun 3 17:48:31 UTC 2005

> Seems well thought out - and it could solve a lot of packaging problems
> not only for Ubuntu but (gasp) other distros.

Well, I am hardly competent enough about packages format, however I
looked at the screenshot section of the site, and at the top of the
page, there is "flash" animation, showing it in action.

I really loved the colours of his gtk theme, doe sanyone know what theme
it is, so I can go get it ? :o)))
It looks like Clearlooks, but it's not (the "handle" widget, see window
list in the top panel for example, is not the same as Clearlooks, it
looks better :o), what theme is that ? 

I would e-mail the site's owner, but sadly it looks like these
screenshots are all different, probably sent by anonymous
contributors... :-(

Vince, seeking perfection in looks too... ;-)

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