Un-installing apps : any better than Windows ? :-/

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri Jun 3 17:18:14 UTC 2005

> Seeking perfection are you. Not a bad concept. <smiling>

Yes ! ;-) I want Ubuntu to be as
good/clean/simple/lightweight/fit/slim/clear as possible... :o)

> Some reasons do exist to leave the dot directories in place in UNIX
> style systems. Normally, they are hidden. 
> If it bothers you, use Midnight Commander (mc) to delete them. But, they
> leaving them in my home directory has saved me hours of frustration in
> the past.

Yes, sure, I normally love keeping them so that I don't need to
re-configure apps when I re-install Ubuntu.
However if I chose the "purge" option, it means that I explicitly tell
the system that I DO mean it to remove everything, because I don't
intend to re-install this app ever, or if I do, I don't mind
re-configuring it. In this case, I would want the system to be 200%
Also, I am not "that" bothered by the hidden folders, they are easy
enough to identify and delete, as you pointed out.. What really annoys
me is that on a fresh Ubuntu install, I have zero files in my home
folder, whereas right now, I have over 40 (NON-hidden) files, and I have
no idea what they are for, if I can delete them etc. I have no idea what
app created them.
At the very least, all these files should be hidden, since they are not
data created by the user, and they seeing them only makes the browser
window more cluttered and confusing when the user tries to access his
XawTV does this. It creates a conf file in the user home folder, but it
is hidden, so it doesn't get in the way.
Would be good if all programs did the same ! :o(

> And as pristine as I am about performance, they don't do much. It's not
> like M$'s dread registry where things can get really messy.

Ah, good to hear. If these entries don't slow down Gconf/Gnome, then I
guess it's not *that* bad then ;o)

Vince, seeking perfection...

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