Un-installing apps : any better than Windows ? :-/

Jani Monoses jani at iv.ro
Fri Jun 3 15:56:26 UTC 2005

> So bacically, just like windows, apps aren't uninstalled properly, and
> leave old files that just make Gcon fatter and fatter, and my home
> folder more and more messy :o(

dpkg and hence synaptic only know about files which are part of the actual package and 
those generated on install. The files in the users dir are beyond dpkg-s control as they 
are tipically made on the first run of the app, and that is a good thing IMHO.
You wouldn't want an accidental unsinstall of firefox to delete all your browser settings, 
bookmarks etc.
 From time to time when I see my home dir cluttered with so many dotfiles I remove those I 
don't care about anymore.
I think there's a new and promising tendency (fd.o standard proposal?) to keep such files 
and dirs under ~/.config but I only know about xfce4 observing that.


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