Webmin on Hoary

Ed Fletcher ed at fletcher.ca
Fri Jun 3 01:24:56 UTC 2005

I wrote:
> It works!  That's pretty darned slick!
> I used "ssh -L 8080:localhost:10000 headless' and 'https://localhost:8080'
> I had no idea that ssh was capable of doing that.  And since I can
> already use ssh to login from anywhere I take my laptop, this should
> work perfectly.
> I'll try it out tomorrow from a coffee shop with free wireless.
> Many thanks to both Michael and Mike,
> Ed

Well, I'm in the coffee shop, accessing webmin via ssh.  Works great!
Very quick too.  Wasn't sure how the speed would be.

Thanks again guys.

Ed Fletcher
ed at fletcher.ca

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