root and /home partitions

alex radsky at
Fri Jun 3 00:12:15 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 21:25 +0200, Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 of June 2005 21:21, alex wrote:
> > Under what condition is
> > it worth the bother of setting /home in its own partition instead of
> > leaving it in the system root?
>  When you own more than one Linux distribution. When you want to protect your 
> private stuff from getting affected by hard system crashes. Anyway, 
> installing everything on one partition is not very wise, because then, signle 
> partition crash can destroy everything you own. I allways split my disk 
> to /home, /var, /usr and sometimes /boot
> -- 
>  Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski,
I'm not sure but it sounds like you're saying you can multiple Linuxes
and have split partitions (/home, /var, /usr, /boot) for each distro.
That's a lot of partitioning!

alex, the OF

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