Video cards : need advise on USED cards...

Kreg Schlosser liberaltugboat at
Thu Jun 2 21:00:28 UTC 2005

Hey Vincent,
Most new AGP 8x cards will work in you AGP 4x slot. I do not suggest
getting used hardware. But as some one who sells hardware for a living
I would be glad to give adivse. I would suggest getting and Nvidia
card since the 3d drivers are much much better then those for ATI. I
would suggest something from the Geforce fx 5500 line of cards. You
get get a band new one for under 60 bucks. It will also give you
enough performance to play most modern games, even Unreal 2k4 and
Doom3 (though at the lowest resolutions).
here is a link to prices:
If you want to spend a little more money (in the $100-$130 range) then
I would get either an fx 5700 or a Geforce 6600.
5700 prices:
6600 prices:

And one last tip: No matter what you choose... Make sure it has a 128
bit memory interface (the ones with 64 bit memory interface are junk)
Hope this helps!

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