hoary forgets screen resolution settings?

James Wilkinson ubuntu at westexe.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 2 16:38:42 UTC 2005

Horst Schlonz wrote:
> i do change settings -> resolution from 1024x768/75hz to 1152x866/85hz
> and it works fine. but these setting do not survive a reboot. this is
> normal?

I asked:
> Does the program gnome-session-save (I can't see it in a menu: you
> probably have to run it from Applications -> Run Application or a
> terminal) save that setting?

Horst replied:
> this works. not very nice, though. thanks anyway.

I recommended:
> If so, you probably want to look at Settings -> Preferences -> Sessions
> -> Session Options.

Horst asked:
> why should i want to do this? the problem is already solved.

The first one, the gnome-session-save, was the diagnostic step. This is
where you go so that your "session" settings do survive reboots.

Hope this helps,

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