lvm10 has disappeared

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at
Thu Jun 2 08:51:36 UTC 2005

lvm10_1.0.8-8_i386.deb has disappeared from main although it is listed
in main's Packages.gz.  The .deb is now in universe but there's no
symlink from main (and symlinks to outer repositories are not a good
idea anyway).

It would be great if the repositories could be kept consistent.  This is
the third such breakage I've run into since starting with Ubuntu a
couple of weeks ago.

Files should be locked down in the innermost repository in which they
are listed by any supported release, with symlinks from the outer

I'd file this in bugzilla if I could find an appropriate place.

Love the distro.  Hate the repositories.  :-)

--Mike Bird

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