Ubuntu made the Mozilla "you must upgrade" page!!

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 07:45:21 UTC 2005

> Perhaps because I'm new to Linux I don't understand why is
> Firefox/Thunderbird being managed by main developers? Why isn't this
> package just the same one from the mozilla.org website?

Ubuntu developpers actually add some features to the Firefox it
packages in Ubuntu. For a good and visible example,  by default  "Open
Files" actually brings up a totally different file chooser (and some
would say better and nicer) using Ubuntu's Firefox compared to to the
file chooser in Mozilla.org's Firefox.

For a while during Hoary's development cycle  Ubuntu's Firefox had a
totally different default theme than the default Firefox; it was a
theme that was seen by some to be closer to the Gnome look and feel.
(that change was dropped shortly before Hoary's release for various

>From a branding point of view,  Ubuntu's developpers also add Ubuntu's
bookmarks, a default "Ubnutu" home page, etc to the Firefox package
their release..

All the Linux distro do these types of tweak to a whole suite of of
applications, and it's not just Firefox:  gimp, OpenOffice, etc all
get tweaked at different levels in different distros.    If it was not
of these tweaks, most linux distros would look exactly like all the
others, starting from the look of Gnome/KDE, down to the last
application packaged.

Daniel Robitaille

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