Dual boot system broken by Windows XP

KLineD ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Thu Jun 2 05:29:35 UTC 2005

Phillip Pare Wrote: 

> 3. For those of us who are not seasoned Linux hacks, are there not a 

> series of batch files, or whatever else they may be called, that can 

> load programs like Java, rpm packaged Open Office or Opera, or True
> Type 

> fonts  pretty well automatically so that the software is installed on
> an 

> ubuntu system with the minimum of hassle?


Yes there is. It's a script that will update your repositories and
install those much needed programs not included by default. I don't
remember the name but it was here in the forums. However when I tried
to use it, the script failed since the repositories had changed.

My suggestion is to keep a list of the commands you need to install the
software so it would be very easy to do it again (maybe just time
consuming to download them)

For the MBR thing, maybe you could restore grub with a linux rescue
disk (AKA live distro) but i dont know exactly what went wrong with
your grub installation.


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