ATi graphics cards

Kreg Schlosser liberaltugboat at
Thu Jun 2 00:42:32 UTC 2005

> > If all you want is 2d graphics
> Then I would be very happy to use the default 'nv' driver supplied by
> Ubuntu, as the machine works an awful lot better with it, than it does
> with the 3D driver ! :-)
> Sadly, I like to play X-Plane every now and then... so I need 3D.

It's interesting to here you are having problems with the nvidia
binary drivers. I have been using them in both warty anf hoary (and
many other linux distros) with no problem what so ever. on a geforce 2
mx, geforce fx 5600, and now my 6600gt. I have never had a lock up or
any problems at all, even during intense 3d games like doom3 and
unreal tourny 2k4.
It may be another part of your system that is causing the problems.
Maybe faulty memory? (since the onboard card uses your system memory)

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