ATi graphics cards

Kreg Schlosser liberaltugboat at
Wed Jun 1 22:43:17 UTC 2005

My understanding is the "nv" driver is NOT from nvidia.
The nv driver is the open source driver. you have to install the
nvidia drivers from the repositories.
As for ATI, they are NO LONGER giving out spec for there video cards.
They stopped with the 8000 series of cards. So anything after the
9200, needs drivers made by ATI, which are not very good.
if I am going to purchase a video card I want full 3d accelleration.
Only Nvidia offers that right now.
If all you want is 2d graphics then skip ATI, skip Nvidia, buy what
ever is under 20 bucks. Or just use onboard video because purchasing a
3d accellerator is pointless with out 3d accelleration.

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