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James Wilkinson ubuntu at
Wed Jun 1 12:26:15 UTC 2005

Tom Adelstein wrote:
> I'm a bit confused as to the purpose of your thread. I wasn't attempting
> to answer your question just point to information showing that AMDs and
> Intel processors varied.

Oh, they vary all right. But Intel innovations tend to get picked up by
AMD sooner or later [1]. So a program compiled for a particular Intel
architecture should eventually work on later AMD chips.

Your "AMD" could still, for example, refer to a K6. That's a
*completely* different chip (than an Athlon), based on a design from a
completely different company (NexGen) [2].

K6s aren't i686 compatible. I believe that Athlons are. So does the
Linux kernel configuration system.

> I do know that when we built a 2.6.8 kernel for Sun's JDS Linux it
> panicked on AMDs so we had to compile it in i386 mode.

Were those Athlons or K6s?

Interesting diversion, anyway...


[1] With x86-64, the process is going the other way, as well.

[2] AMD bought NexGen when the K5 was late and underpowered, to get
access to what became the K6. 
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